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Window Installation Instructions

Whether you are installing a fresh or replacing your old window, the right installation window guide is crucial. It helps you do the job right, so you can be sure that your window will last long. Besides, you do not want a window that does not blend with your stylish house interior or exterior.

How do you do your home window installation?

Step 1. Remove the Window Trim and Casing

Your old window may be unpleasant or even damaged. Regardless of the issue that prompts you to install a new window, the first action you should take is to remove the casing and trim. The jam extension is easy to take out since it’s a wood attached to the window to make it even with the wall.

Step 2. Remove the Old Window

It is time to do away with your old window! Unscrew your window from the jamb, then take it out. Be careful not to break the glass. It can hurt you, or you may even need to use it for another project. If your window contains multiple sashes and side mowing tracks, take them out individually.

It will be much easier and faster. Nevertheless, if you feel this whole process is frenzying, Lacey Handyman is here to give a helping hand. Our experts can do an excellent job for you at a fair window installation cost.

Step 3. Repair/Prep the Window Opening

After the window is out, check the condition of your window jamb to ensure it is not damaged. You do not want to have another costly home window replacement soon. If your window jamb is either leaking or rotten, you will have to work on it before proceeding with your home window installation.

What if I cannot repair the jamb?

If the jamb is too damaged for any creative fixing, you will have to replace it with a new one. When getting the frame, measure its rough openings to determine whether your new window will fit adequately. The irregular openings should either be ¼ inches to 3/8 inches larger than the new window’s exterior measurements.

Step 4. Inspect and Replace the Window Stop 

The window stop is an essential part of your installation. It runs around the exterior of your window to prevent it from sliding outside the opening. Without proper window stop installation, you may have to incur unnecessary home window repair costs.

Before you work with your old window stop, check if it is in good condition, so that you can use it at this stage. However, if it is damaged, replace it for exceptional performance. You don’t want a moving window in your home, or do you?

Step 5. Evaluate How Your Window Fits

Before you apply silicone on the window stop, fit the new window when dry to determine whether you have fitment problems. If you have fitment issues, rectify them before fixing the window. This point may be hectic, so don’t be reluctant to get window replacement Lacey services. Our professionals will help you tackle the problems.

The window should also fit snuggly in the opening. Therefore, when you position your window and don’t feel satisfied with the outcome, pause the installation process. If you can handle the issue, continue installing the window. However, you may have to call a pro for a good fit.

Step 6. Install the Window

The actual window installation is very simple. Start by placing a bead of silicone in the window’s stop edge, then position the window into place. Using a level on your window’s top side, press the cedar shims between the window and the jamb. Ensure that the window is leveled.

The new window installation is simpler since the window comes with a hardware packet. Usually, it contains four screws that should go through the sides to anchor your window to the jamb. Place one screw on every side of the window, near the top and the bottom. The pre-drilled holes also make the window quick to fix.

Step 7. Insulation

If you have gaps in the original window frame, these are the ideal spots to insulate. For larger gaps, get pieces of roll insulation, then pack them in the spaces. For the locations that are difficult to reach, you will have to use expanding frame insulation foam.

Step 8. Add Trim Molding and Extension Jambs

Select a molding style that fits your décor and make a frame around the window. Measure every piece’s length and cut it to fit the appropriate size. Ensure that your cuts are 45 degrees to accomplish a picture-frame look.

Using finish nails, attach the trims to the wall. If you notice a gap between the drywall and the new window, add thin wood trim. For slight gaps, use silicone to fill them.

Step 9. Paint and Do Some Finishing

Fill the nail holes using paintable or stainable wood putty. For a finished look, paint or stain the trim. You can now enjoy your new window!


Getting the right handyman for window installation means top-notch services that will serve you for a prolonged period. While some people choose to install windows by themselves, it is not a walk in the park. You may find it hectic, especially when some problems like fitment issues arise. If you can fix them, well and good.

If you feel it is time to call a pro, contact Lacey Handyman. Our experts are more than glad to fix all your window issues, whether new or replacement installation services. We help you get the right measurements and a window that blends with your décor. For more information, reach us at 360-870-2277.