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Wheelchair Ramps

Do you want a comfortable space where you can maneuver with your wheelchair? At Lacey Handyman, we provide you with exceptional ramp installation services. Whether you want a wheelchair ramp in garage or your pathways, our professionals can help you with that.

There are different wheelchair ramps like aluminum and plywood wheelchair ramp. Depending on the time you want to use it, we will help you select one that suits your needs. Our specialists will install it for you, leaving you a sturdy space you can transition from your house to the pathways or any other place.

To learn more about wheelchair ramp materials, wheelchair ramp installation, and portable ramps, read on.

Wheelchair Ramp Materials

Typically, there are four types of materials that installers use to build ramps. They include

1.     Wood Ramps

For function and elegance, some homeowners prefer wood ramps like the plywood wheelchair ramp. They also find it more aesthetically appealing and inexpensive than a metal one. Nevertheless, these ramps demand more time, labor, and materials to construct.

These types of ramps need a high level of maintenance. If not, they rot, crack, warp, splinter, and fade. They also become slick in cold weather. However, Lacey Handyman experts can help you install non-slip treads. These ramps also take much time to remove and cannot be relocated. 

2.     Aluminum Ramps

While aluminum wheelchair ramps for homes may not add so much style, they have commendable advantages that make them ideal. For example, they are fast (even a day) and easy to install so that you can use them immediately.

They are also tenacious and require less maintenance. So, you don’t have to get concerned about the weather conditions. You can also remove them effortlessly and even relocate them if you like. These ramps are also readily available for rent.

3.     Concrete Ramps

Concrete ramps are more common in public or commercial spaces. However, if you desire to have one that matches your home’s style, Lacey Handyman professionals can install it for you.

Why should you install a concrete ramp?

Concrete ramps are durable; hence you won’t be worried about the climatic changes. They also accommodate heavyweight, unlike other types of ramps. Nevertheless, they can crack over time.

4.     Steel Ramps

When installing steel wheelchair ramps for homes, professionals find them heavy, making it more difficult and time-consuming to install. If your area experiences a wet climate, you will need maintenance and rust-proofing for long-term use. Its removal and relocation are also challenging and take a lot of time as well.

Wheelchair ramp installation cost varies according to the material you choose. Depending on your budget and the time you want to use a ramp, our specialists can help you get a ramp that will meet your needs.

Wheelchair Ramp Installation

Like any other equipment used by disabled persons, ramp installation adheres to specific guidelines. They instruct how the wheelchair ramp slope should measure, the surface condition, among other things. Below are some of the wheelchair ramp specifications you should meet as you install a wheelchair ramp

  • Hand-propelled wheelchairs should have a ramp slope that rises with 1 inch every 12 inches of length.
  • Power chairs should feature a slope that rises by 1.5 inches every 12 inches of length.
  • The inside rails should have a minimum width of 36 inches (inside) and an ideal measurement of 48 inches.
  • You should set the ramp’s surface between the side rails, leaving a 2 inches space along its edges. You can use 3/ 4 inches of treated plywood or 1inch by 6 inches treated pine for decking.
  • To customize your wheelchair ramp for a house for easier transitioning, bevel the end of the deck. Beveling will adjoin the ramp’s end and the ground surface allowing you to transition to and from smoothly.
  • You can also use a steel sheet that is at least 10 inches long. Its width should be similar to the ramp’s so that you can fix it securely and span the distance from the deck surface to the driveway or the walking surface.

The top of the ramp should have a platform that is 5ft. by 5ft. for easy maneuvering of the wheelchair. If your entrance opens outwards, there should be ample space that allows movement without backing the chair as you open the door. If your area is not wide enough, Lacey Handyman professionals can help you out at a reasonable cost.

2021 Portable Wheelchair Ramps

If you are in need of a new wheelchair ramp design 2021 that is portable, here are some options you may prefer.

1.     Suitcase Ramp

This type of ramp is easy to fold and store since it is foldable. It is also non-slip and has robust construction to support a lot of weight.

2.     Telescoping Track Ramp

The telescope track ramp is lightweight and shrivels down, making it easy to store and transport.

3.     Pathway Ramp

This type of ramp is suitable for paths and walkways. It is also non-slip and secure, offering a handrails option. Pathway ramps provide one or two steps use making them more convenient.

4.     Roll-a-ramp

Roll-a-ramp is a portable ramp system for businesses and homes. This ramp rolls up to the store, making it easy for you to carry. It also has links that you can add or remove to lengthen or shorten it. Hence, you can use it comfortably. 

5.     Custom Ramps

Custom ramps are made according to your particular specifications to meet your needs. If you need exclusive temporary installation services, Lacey Handyman professionals can do it for you.

Closing Remarks

Wheelchair ramps for homes not only make your life comfy but also help you become more independent. While they come in different materials, you can select one that meets your needs. For instance, aluminum wheelchair ramps for homes can offer you long-term service without a high level of maintenance. This is because the material is sturdy.

If you are planning to install a wheelchair ramp that will offer you optimum comfort and easy operation, contact Lacey Handyman. Our experts will assist you in getting the right type of ramp for you. They will install it exceptionally so that you don’t have to redo it, saving you time and money. Our services are also reasonably priced because we do not uphold customer rip-offs.