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Are you tired of people interfering with your gear? A shed could be the solution to your problems. And if you have no experience in shed construction.

You will need to call in an expert. Otherwise, you are most likely to end up with a poorly done structure that will make your backyard look awful. With Lacey Handyman services, you need not worry. Our job is to supply you with a professional handyman to build for you an adorable shed.


So, what makes sheds so appealing?

A shed is not just a structure to fill up space in your backyard or garden. It is a haven that never goes out of fashion. Besides that, sheds are quite versatile.

You can use your shed for anything you want. Be it keeping your gear, reading, or crafting; you will always find something to do in your shed. The best part is that there are various types of sheds. But before you get one, you will need to decide on the material of the shed and its size.

Lighting, ventilation, and roof height will also contribute to the comfort of a shed. If the roofing is low and the lighting is dim, your shed will be extremely uncomfortable. Remember, modern sheds have many uses.

Sometimes you will spend several hours in your shed, especially if you want to use it as a workshop. 


What are your options?

Wooden sheds

Most people prefer sheds that are made from wood. These sheds have a unique and complementary appeal. Unfortunately, wooden sheds can rot quickly. To make your shed last longer, go for treated timber.

And instead of using softwoods such as spruce and pine, go for cedar. So, why settle for a wooden shed? Wood is a natural material that will look good in your garden or backyard. The only challenge with timber is that it tends to expand or shrink when the weather changes. 

 The other thing is that the craftsmanship on a wooden shed is visible. If someone does a bad job, it will easily show. Therefore, you need to work with the right handyman. Utmost precision is required when putting together a wooden shed.

Lacey Handyman technicians have vast experience working with interlocked shiplap or featheredge boards, which comes in handy when constructing a shed. We are the experts!


Metal Sheds

Although most folks do not like metal sheds, they are not as demanding as wooden sheds. First off, these structures are rot-resistant. Also, maintenance requirements are very minimal.

However, they lack a natural appeal, especially if you want a garden shed. Another downside is that when it gets hot, being inside a metal shed is unbearable. You also have to think of condensation problems that encourage rusting.


Plastic Sheds

A plastic shed may not be as appealing as you would like, but it is the easiest to maintain. This type of shed will not rust or rot. Insects will not chew drill holes on the plastic surfaces.

If you leave your tools in there, you will find them in the same condition. Nonetheless, you have to make sure that your plastic shed is secure. When it comes to sturdiness, a plastic shed may not offer you much.


Why you need the best handyman for shed construction

A shed may look like a simple structure once it’s done.  As such, it is easy to overlook the amount of work that goes into it. Before you build a shed, there is a lot to consider—that why you need to call Lacey Handyman.

Our experts can help execute your vision with surgical precision. We do more than help you build a shed.  We turn your dreams into reality.


What to consider when setting up a shed


The location and positioning of your shed are essential. The door has to face a side that will let in ample natural light. You may also want your shed to be positioned under a shade due to factors such as heat.

Another factor that will come to play is whether you need electricity in your shed. If you do, then it’s best to place it near a power line.

The function of the shed is equally important when deciding on the location. If you want the shed to house gardening supplies, you want to place it near the garden. This helps you access your gardening tools without any qualms. You do not want to walk a long way to grab your shovel.





When setting up a shed, you have to think of drainage. Placing the shed in an area that floods could be a costly mistake. You also want to get rid of any stumps or debris to avoid rotting. A stable and dry foundation is always ideal.

Local building codes

You do not want to get in trouble with the local authorities after spending your money on erecting a shed. At Lacey Handyman, we are conversant with the local building codes. And you can rest assured that our professionals will work within the confines of the law. 

Extra features

A shed should be more than an empty room, depending on its functions. For instance, if it is for gardening tools, it may need a few shelves. The ultimate objective is to make it as functional as possible. Additionally, you want a shed that looks good from the outside. As such, your shed will need an exceptional paint job, shutters, and so on.

As you can see, building a shed is quite demanding. It needs a detailed plan, the right tools, and the right man for the job. Without any prior construction knowledge, it can be a daunting task.

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So, why Lacey Handyman?

We have helped many people with construction and repair projects for over a decade. Over the years, we have accrued tremendous experience.

Our handymen are well-trained to execute whichever project you may have. Also, we consider your reservations and customize sheds according to your specifications.

Call us today! Lacey Handyman will be more than happy to work with you. Our handymen are always looking forward to the next project.