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Lacey Handyman Pressure Washing Services

Are you tired of unsatisfactory pressure washing? We Lacey Handyman offer the best pressure washing services to residential and commercial customers. Our professionals have the ability to clean different types of surfaces leaving behind desirable effects that last for long thus making us the most preferred pressure washers in Lacey, Tumwater, and Olympia areas of Washington.

Lacey Handyman uses the state-of-art washing equipment that are safe and fast and that guarantee thorough and even washing.  Our ranges of equipment are designed for different purposes and environments, that is, commercial and residential, thus minimizing the unnecessary time spent on modifications.  Other equipment and materials like stainless surface clearness and expansion poles facilitate cleaning of even the darkest corners.

How do we do it?

Lacey Handyman has a reputation of good service. Our ultimate goal is to achieve the best results without damaging the surroundings or the surfaces we work on. We understand that different surface types require different type of care and use of different kind of equipment. As a result, Lacey Handymanhas a wide range of equipment to handle all these. Also has as well defined mode of transport which facilitate timely movement of pressure washing gear and staff to the location of work. 

Lacey Handyman has a track record of delivering quality and affordable services on time. 

Areas Where You can use our Pressure Washing Services

There are different factors that determine the use of pressure washing on surfaces.  Lacey Handymanhaving experience of 15 years will always offer advice on the best way to go about any pressure washing. The following are a few examples of surfaces where pressure washer is used:

  1. Roofs – from time to time roofs should be pressure washed in order to get rid of moss. This is a type of plant that grows on roofs and could damage the roofing materials if it is not destroyed early enough. Also, the plant is very slippery when wet and could cause accidents during roof repair. However, while there is a need to remove the pant, medium pressure should be applied.
  2. Gutters – to have a well maintained house, gutters should be clean. Leaves and dust when accumulated could cause gutters to damage thus affecting other parts of the house like walls, fascias and soffits. Lacey Handyman uses the best detergents and chemicals to achieve the best results.
  3. Sidewalks – over the time, the sidewalks becomes dirty and stained. Lacey Handyman knows the right equipment to use for cleaning this kind of surface.
  4. Decks – the best care should be taken while pressure cleaning decks. The best nozzle setting should be chosen which makes the Lacey Handyman the best choice for the choice.
  5. Patios – there is no effective way to remove built-up grime and debris from patio than pressure washing. However, great care should be taken to avoid damage and Lacey Handyman is always ready to take up such challenges.
  6. Parking lots – over time, there could be collection of debris on the parking lots. Also, there could be spillage of fluid like oil and other chemicals which could be harmful and dangerous. Some of these materials could damage even the parking lot surface. Therefore there is a need to employ pressure washing to get rid of the dangerous materials and maintain the surface.
  7. Drive ways – once in while there is a need to remove grime, dirt and stain from driveways. When this crucial maintenance is undertaken, wear and tear is greatly reduced thus extending the life of the driveway.
  8. Cladding – this is applied to homes and commercial buildings. They become dirty and discolored over the time prompting cleaning services. This is Lacey Handyman comes in to offer the best pressure washing services restoring the look of the exterior.
  9. Siding –some types of siding could attract mildew growth over the year. Pressure washing becomes the best way to brighten home exterior under the circumstances.

Why should you consider Lacey Handyman?

When you are choosing the right person to solve your problems, you go for one who understands the ropes.  Below are the qualities you need to go for when choosing a right handyman:

  • Skilled– the right handyman should be able to demonstrate exceptional knowledge in his/her field. All staffs at Lacey Handyman are highly skilled to perform cleaning services professionally. Also, there are continuous training programs which constantly sharpen our staff’s skills.
  • Certified – the right handyman should be bale to showcase certification before undertaking any work. Lacey Handyman staffsare qualified and certified to perform their duties. We have been issued with the right licenses as appertains to cleaning services.
  • Honest and reliable – trust is a fundamental requirement in business. Lacey Handyman have track record of good and on time delivery and a responsibility to uphold the same.
  • Insurance – the right handyman should be insured. Lacey Handyman are alive to the fact that accident sometime could occur hence we have insured all our staffs.

When you make your mind and decide to contact us for pressure washing services, you are guaranteed to get the most experienced workers who deliver the best result.

Why should you settle for Lacey Handyman services?

You do not need to rake you mind trying to compare companies, the under listed points will convince that Lacey Handyman the leaders in the market:

  • Great experience


Lacey Handyman have been in the service industry for over fifteen years. During this time, we handled different types of clients and delivered on many projects. We have been able to understand our customers’ needs knowledge that informs our promise to always serving you better.


  • Professional support.

To be able to serve you better and on time, Lacey Handyman have invested in support software and team which manage scheduling, communication, client information and time tracking.

  • Adherence to law


At Lacey Handyman, we are committed to quality services which are guided and regulated by both federal and national laws.

As outlined above, there are different areas that require pressure washing. However, depending on the surface, appropriate equipment, nozzles and pressure should be applied.  This is where Lacey Handyman professionalism and experience fit in. Please contact us for free quotes when you have something around your home or commercial that require pressure washing.