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Are you looking forward to the installation of pocket doors in your modern house? Look no further. Lacey Handyman got you covered. The company offers incomparable installation designs that leave your house looking all fashionable.

Whether you need them for visual or regal effects, we offer the best installation services at an affordable fee. We do it professionally, and our experts try as much as possible to tackle any crisis that may arise during the installation period. For a magnificent look at your house, contact us today.

What Are Pocket Sliding Doors?

These refer to doors that slide easily into a compartment of the adjacent walls when fully opened. They are the opposite of hinged or swing doors.

Pocket sliding doors are suitable to use when there is no enough space for your swinging doors to open. They are exceptional in giving your house an architectural effect.

There are various types and designs of pocket sliding doors that we offer;

  • Interior sliding pocket doors
  • Exterior sliding pocket doors
  • Glass pocket doors
  • Double pocket doors
  • Prehung pocket doors
  • Wood pocket doors
  • Hideaway sliding doors

Where Can You Install Pocket Doors

You can fix these doors anywhere in your house. However, it would be best if you fit them where they will be beneficial to you. Some of the areas that require them are;

  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Home office
  • Mudroom
  • Laundry
  • Storeroom
  • Table room
  • Kitchen
  • closets

Sliding pocket doors are an excellent solution if you want to separate your rooms. They also help in creating more space in your house. Therefore, they can be suitable in all the above contexts.

For a house made with plasterboard walls, hideaway sliding doors are preferred as they help hide your doors within the wall compartment. Also, if your sliding pocket doors are lightweight, consider using the hideaway pocket door.

To partition the living room and dining room, double pocket doors are a perfect solution. These doors work in a setting where there is adequate wall space.

Reasons for Installing Pocket Doors

Many homeowners love having a unique look in their homes. They like showing off every detail in their houses to friends. For this reason, they prefer pocket doors to conventional ones as they fit any décor.

So, if you want your refurbished or modern house to have this fantastic look, then consider Lacey Handyman Company for pocket door installation. Here are the reasons;

1.     Maximize space

When you install these door types in your house, they immediately help in clearing space. Generally, hinge doors require more space to swing out. However, with pocket door kits, you no longer require this space as it slithers into a partition in the wall conveniently.

In most cases, bathrooms with hinge doors are tight as there is no enough space to accommodate the swinging door. In such cases, bathroom pocket doors from Lacey are a perfect solution. These doors can give your bathroom ample space.

In workplaces, double pocket doors are preferred as they offer double benefits when saving space.

2.     Makes Your House Unique

These doors have a smooth and glossy design. Together with the aesthetics of your rooms, they can make your house look unique and luxurious. For instance, a house with both exterior and interior sliding pocket doors looks exceptional. Additionally, the double pocket door system creates the best impression to visitors if used to divide the sitting room and dining.

3.     For Quiet environment

Hinged doors produce a lot of noise when opening. However, pocket doors open quietly as they are done professionally with modern materials. If you want to maintain a quiet and peaceful environment in your home, these doors are a perfect choice.

4.     For Convenient Connection

Normally, hinged doors consume a lot of space, especially in adjacent rooms. They also take much of your time as you open them. To make these rooms easily accessible and spacious, replace them with fantastic value and space-saving pocket doors.

5.     They are Affordable and Reliable

Some people fear installing pocket doors in their homes as they think they are expensive. But no, apart from being reliable, these doors are affordable by a common homeowner. For the best pocket door system, Lacey is incomparable to other companies. Their doors are of quality materials, cheap, and have a 5 – year warranty.

6.     Easy To Install

Installing pockets doors is an easy task, especially when done by professionals. If you have the tools required and the manual, you can also DIY. However, if you find it hard, look for the best pocket door hardware like Lacey to fix for you.

7.     Creates more light

These doors, especially glass pocket doors, give your house a bright atmosphere. They help in creating more light in the house, especially when used as outside-facing doors. They make your house design look more desirable.

How Much Can You Spend When Installing Pocket Doors?

The current price estimate ranges between $400 and $4250. However, the average price is $1000 according to the 2021 pocket doors cost calculator.

Various factors that determine these costs;

  • Design of the door
  • Time used in making it
  • Quality of materials used.
  • If it’s a new or remodeling project
  • Whether the project is DIY or done by professionals
  1. 1. Materials used

If the materials used in the construction are of high quality, then the cost will be slightly higher than those with low-quality materials. The higher the quality, the more durable the pocket door will be.

  1. Design

Different door designs spend different time frames on constructing. The more time-consuming the design is, the higher the price. Unique pocket door designs give your house a fancy look.

  1. New or Remodeling project

If the pocket doors are part of your remodeling project, their price will range between $1000 and $4250. For a new project, the cost will be between $500 and $1000.

  1. DIY or by Professional

Some people prefer fixing the pocket door themselves as it’ll cost a much lower price than when done by professionals, i.e., between $60 and $400. However, there are high risks of compromising the integrity of your house organization.

You can also interfere with plumbing and electrical systems as you try to fix the doors. For this reason, you should only trust professionals like Lacey Handyman to do the job.


Having a fancy and classic look in your home requires an excellent handyman for pocket door installation. Although you can DIY, you may end up interfering with your house structure, plumbing, and electrical system.

Therefore, it’s important to look for an expert for this task. Contact Lacey Handyman today for all pocket door installation services. The company’s experts help in getting you the best designs for your house. You can contact us anytime at 360-870-2277.