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Have you been thinking of providing your pet with easy and safe access and exit point to your house? Installing a pet door is the perfect solution. This will ensure that your furry friend can come into the house and leave as they please.

When you are not around, and it’s potty time, your dog or cat will comfortably sneak out and relieve themselves. With a pet door, you will no longer have to worry about who will let your pets in when you are running late.

But as much as a pet door installation sounds like a good idea, you will need professionals to install it. If you are in the Lacey area and its environment, Lacey Handyman has got your back.

Why you need a pet door

The right pet door gives freedom to both you and your pet. Imagine early in the morning when you are trying to get in some much-needed sleep, but your dog is whining endlessly and wants to go outside to relieve itself. If you are not swift enough to open the door, you end up with a load of ‘accident’ to clean. This is not an experience anyone looks forward to, right.

A pet door is what you and your pet need. It gives your pet freedom to run around, and you get the time you need to get in an extra five minutes of sleep—a win-win situation.

Lacey Handyman will gladly be your ‘Hero’. Our services are personalized to meets your needs, and we work with your budget. Call us today.

Here is all you need to know about pet doors

There are different types of pet doors. So before we install one, you should decide which style best suits your home. It would be best to consider your pet size and the door’s features to ensure that it is a correct match.

Lacey Handyman provides you with not only the necessary information before you choose which pet door to install, but we also design and install the door for you at a very affordable price.

What are the options?

There are a variety of options to choose from;

  • Electric Pet door

Their doors are magnificent because they work with your pet’s collar. They are only activated by the pet’s collar and cannot open otherwise. This ensures security as nothing unwanted can get inside the house.

Electric pet doors are more expensive than the other types, but they are worth the money. At Lacey Handyman, we highly recommend this pet door.

  • Hard plastic lock

These doors have an added locking feature, which allows you to lock the doors from the inside. This prevents other animals or intruders from getting inside your house.

The only disadvantage is that once the door is locked, your pet cannot go in and out freely. It is best to use it at night and leave it open during the day, so your pet can enjoy its freedom.

  • Tradition flap

This is the classic pet door. It was probably the pet door you had at your parents’ house when you were little. They are those little doors that swing in and out when your pet passes by.

The only concern is that the traditional flap pet door is not secure, and if you are not careful, all kinds of stray animals will end up in your home. So it’s advisable only to install a traditional flap pet door only if it leads to the garage or patio.

What size should I purchase?

Pets come in various sizes and shapes. A door suitable for a cat might not be suitable for your bull-dog. Do not worry; whether you need a door for your pup or Great Dane, we got you. We will take the correct measurements of your pet and install a comfortable and suitable door for them.

Call Lacey Handyman today and let us discuss with you what your pet needs.

We have installed countless pet doors for many of our clients in Lacey, Tumwater and Olympia areas, and now in Yelm.


What is the process of installing a pet door?

We do not wing it! Our aim is to give you value for your money.

So what is the process of installing your pet door? Let us give you a rough idea of what to expect.

We start our work by taking your pet’s measurements. This is very important. A pet door should be at least two inches wider than your pet’s shoulders and two inches taller than the top of your pet’s shoulder. Taking measurements ensures that we get it right. If you have more than one pet, we use the biggest pet measurements.

Once we have the proper measurements, it’s now time to install the door. We use a template to estimate exactly where we need to cut. Then we remove your door from the hinges and cut out a hole as required (as per the template). We then install the pet door and put the door back to its hinges.


Why you should hire Lacey Handyman

Many people think that they don’t have the right door for a pet door installation. We are glad to burst this myth.

There is a solution for every door style. Whether it’s a French-style door, Steel door or even Screen door, we can still install a pet door. Our team is sufficiently qualified to handle any challenge.

Additionally, we design the pet doors to complement the style of your home.  We are the right handyman for this job. Call us today.


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