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Kitchen Remodeling

The easiest way to enhance the outlook and feel of your home is with a little kitchen renovation. The kitchen is among the most central and functional rooms in the house. Improving your kitchen design will increase the durability, functionality, and efficiency of your cooking space.

A kitchen renovation doesn’t have to be expensive. That is why Lacey Handyman is bringing you kitchen remodel ideas on a budget. With these exceptional designs, you can rest assured that your home will host a lucrative and charming feel. Now, let’s take a look at these trendy kitchen remodelling ideas, 2021.

Kitchen Cabinets Upgrade

While kitchen renovation typically involves installing new kitchen cabinets, these money-saving alternatives from Lacey Handyman can still rejuvenate your kitchen. If you want some kitchen remodel ideas on a budget, these upgrades are what you need. You don’t have to completely replace your shelving to give your kitchen a refreshing look.

One of the things you can do is update your cabinets pulling system. This includes changing the hinges, knobs, and pulls of your current kitchen cabinets with some contemporary hardware. A small adjustment of this nature will alter the appeal of your shelving and bring a new perspective.

Another alternative is refinishing your kitchen cabinets if their structure and components are in good shape. This will preserve the overall kitchen design while introducing a vibrant appearance to your space. You can achieve this by sanding wood cabinets to remove any defects that don’t fit your kitchen design scheme.

Kitchen Painting

The colors in your kitchen can dictate the mood of your cooking space. Lacey handyman specializes in introducing color themes that bring cohesion and harmony into various kitchen designs. Playing with the colors of different sections of your kitchen will bring interest and appeal to your home.

It could be as simple as painting the kitchen cabinets, or the kitchen walls. Our designs will leave your kitchen with a vibrant and positive sentiment.

You could opt for a high or semi-gloss finish, one of the trending kitchen remodelling ideas, 2021. This finish is easy to clean and can repel dirty fingerprints. Using transparent acrylic varnish over the final coat can add depth and bring a glassy appeal around your kitchen.

Pull out Cabinet Shelves

One way to maximize your kitchen storage with kitchen renovation ideas on a budget is to pull out shelves in your base cabinets. This shelf looks like a shallow drawer that glides out to give you quick access to your kitchen necessities.

Lacey handyman can adapt any size of pull out cabinet shelves to your kitchen design. With this abundance of space, you can reach your utensils, appliances, or edibles effortlessly.

Open Shelving Plan

While in the past, most homes preferred closed shelves for storage, the modern trends feature various open shelving plans. Open shelving introduces a sense of spaciousness into your kitchen design. Plus there are many different ways of incorporating open shelving into your cooking space.

If you love your current cabinets, you don’t have to remove them to adopt open shelving. You could add the shelves between the windows or in your kitchen corners. Open shelves don’t have to house your cooking appliances, as an alternative, you could place your kitchen decorations, pottery, or teacups.

Undercabinet Lighting

If there is an element we can use more in kitchen designs, it is good lighting. Lighting helps you see better and directs attention to the essential sections of your kitchen. While it is common to light your kitchen ceilings, Lacey Handyman can also add lighting to your kitchen cabinets. You could add some hidden fixtures for task lighting under your upper wall cabinets. This will introduce a decent amount of light and brightness to your kitchen functions like dicing vegetables or reading a cooking recipe.

Kitchen Islands

Another trend within current kitchen designs is having a variation of a kitchen island. Kitchen islands are the easiest way to bring a central focus within your overall kitchen design. Granite and marble are durable options if you want natural stones in your kitchen. Here are some kitchen remodel ideas before and after images of marble kitchen islands.  Quartz is also an option that provides some variety in kitchen island designs. Since the island will be the focal point of your cooking space, you want it to embody your personality, taste and style.

A crucial consideration when adding an island to your kitchen renovation is the size. You don’t want a huge island that will end up looking out of place. The specific scope of your kitchen island will depend on the purpose you intend for it. Kitchen islands are among the prevalent kitchen remodelling ideas 2021

Either way, you will want a design that allows about fifty inches of space on each side to facilitate foot traffic. You should also select a counter height that complements the seating you will use.

Kitchen Backsplash

Updating backsplash is among the best options for kitchen remodelling ideas on a budget. It is an easy way to bring a fresh, elegant look to a dull old kitchen. The backsplash is among the most functional elements in a kitchen. It protects the wall from a lot of damage like food spills and splashing hot oil while adding beauty and style into your kitchen design.

During kitchen remodelling, you could choose to re-do the entire backsplash or make a few changes to the existing material. You can use a stencil design to add color contrast on a backsplash for an artistic and decorative feel. With some help from Lacey Handyman, you won’t go wrong with your backsplash design. Take a look at some backsplash kitchen remodel ideas before and after photos to see our genius at work.


No one wants to spend time in an old, outdated, or dysfunctional kitchen. Since the kitchen is at the heart of every home, your kitchen must display functionality, comfort, and style. Also, getting a kitchen renovation doesn’t have to be a hassle or cost too much.

With Lacey Handyman on your case, you can be sure your kitchen will become all that you want it to be. The kitchen designs we’ve covered are ideal options if you prefer kitchen renovation ideas on a budget. That means that with our services, you can improve your home outlook while still keeping costs low.