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Handicap Showers

Every person deserves a happy shower time. That’s why Lacey Handyman offers you top-class handicap shower installation. Our experts provide you with handicap shower ideas 2021 that are in line with the handicap shower guideline. With this information, you select any options that meet your function and stylish needs.

If you prefer handicap shower installers instead of doing it yourself, our professionals will help you out. For more information on handicap showers, read on.

How to Make Shower Handicap Accessible

If you have a loved one who needs specialized accessibility to any space in your house, you would want them to enjoy their shower time. While it is not easy for them to use the ordinary shower, you can customize your shower in a few ways to make it reachable to them.

How do you make your shower handicap accessible?

1.     Roll in Showers for Wheelchairs

For someone who has trouble walking or in a wheelchair, it is difficult for them to use the tubs. Making a curb-less shower stand eliminates all barriers giving them total access. Ensure that your shower for wheelchair users is large enough for them to maneuver easily. You can also fix a built-in seat for those who prefer to sit down.

2.     Customized Bathtub

If you want to make it more comfortable for a handicapped person, you can get a safety tub. This tub is extraordinary in that it fills and empties when you get inside and sit down. The safety tub features swinging doors that allow easy entry and exit. It also possesses tall walls that make stepping in and out easy as it provides support. For cost-effective handicap showers and tubs installation, contact Lacy Handyman.

3.     Hardware Accompaniment

There are a variety of functional and trendy hardware items that make good handicap shower accessories. You can add these items to the bathroom without doing major renovations. It will help you save money and time so you/they can use it immediately.

Below are the handicap shower accessories you can add to your bathroom

  • Grab bars besides the toilet and in your shower.
  • A removable shower head that has a long shower hose
  • A motion sensor or easy pull/push sink handle

4.     Adjust Your Sinks’ Heights

Depending on the special needs one has, you should adjust your sinks’ heights to make them comfortable for them to use. If someone can walk, but they have difficulty in bending, raise the sink for best service. For people in a wheelchair, you will have to lower the sink to access it while sitting.

You should also install faucets that are easy to reach and operate. For more comfort, Lacey Handyman can get you a pedestal sink by removing under-sink cabinets, which will allow people with wheelchairs to get close enough.

5.     Door Modification

Wheelchairs demand much space, so you should customize your bathroom door to make it effortless for someone to get in and out. The wheelchair accessible shower dimensions include

  • 30 inches by 50 inches for easy use of the sink
  • A clear circle measuring 60 inches or more for easy turning of the wheelchair
  • The toilet should have a centerline that measures 16 inches from the wall.

While these are standard measurements for public restrooms, utilizing them on your restroom will maximize comfort and accessibility for wheelchair users.

6.     Adjust Your Toilet Height

Similar to the bathroom sink, you should adjust your toilet’s height for easy accessibility in a seated position. To accomplish this, you might have to add a base underneath the bathroom or replace it with a more extended base. These modifications will add several inches raising it to the right position.

Handicap Shower Installation

Installing handicap showers or tubs require more planning than a conventional one. You have to consider so many factors like movement, access, and operation. While it may be challenging to modify or install a handicap shower, Lacey Handyman can help you walk through this journey.

Our experts will show you the various handicap shower ideas 2021. They will then explain what each of them entails and how they serve different purposes. All these will help you make an informed decision as you select a handicap shower option.

Utilizing this idea, you can create a handicap accessible tub shower. It may include clear exterior space, grab bars, removable shower heads, among other items that will give easy access and use to handicapped persons.

All the handicap shower ideas our experts share with you follow the 2021 handicap showers guide. You can be sure that you or your loved one will have comfort and full access to the shower. You will also have an easy time exercising personal hygiene, whether brushing or showering.

How to Choose the Right Handicap Shower Installers near Me

Handicap shower installation requires great expertise. Specialists who have the right wheelchair accessible shower dimensions can help you get relevant handicap shower ideas 2021. It feels horrible to keep correcting a mistake after you or a loved one has been hindered from accessing or operating the shower.

How do you know the right handicap shower installers near you?


An established company has handled different handicap shower installations. This exposure to distinct situations means they are well equipped, and if any crisis or challenge arises in the installation process, they can easily come up with a solution. For more technical customizations, Lacey Handyman got your back. Contact us today for top-notch services.

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While reviews may be prejudiced at times, not all are false. You can consult a close friend that you trust about the company. Ask how their services are and whether they serve the purpose. If they do, then you can go ahead and request their services.

Final Thoughts

Getting a professional handicap shower installer can be an uphill battle. However, with an established company like Lacey Handyman, you can access handicap shower ideas 2021 that adhere to the handicap shower guidelines.

Our experts help you choose the best option that will meet your needs. They also make you a comfortable shower for wheelchairs users and any other restroom modifications. For first-rate handicap shower installation services, contact us today.