Grab Bars

Installed  Correctly

You Don’t Want Them Falling Down

We Don’t Want Your Falling Down!

Did you know that the bathroom is the most dangerous place in a home? According to a safety report published by the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2011, the bathroom is the most hazardous place since falls are most likely to occur in or around the bathtub, the toilet, or shower. In addition, every year approximately 235,000 people visit the emergency room for injuries sustained in the bathroom. 


Most bathroom injuries are most likely to occur in the tub or shower. Also, injury rates are higher for women than men. Of course, injury rates tend to increase with age. What can you do to make your bathroom a safer place?


Having grab bars installed in your bathroom can significantly improve safety for everyone in the household especially if you have individuals in your home with limited mobility or poor balance. A grab bar can help you navigate the slick materials and wet environment of the bathroom. This will aid in preventing slip and falls which can cause injury.


Why Installing Grab Bars Is Important?

Safety is the primary reason why it’s important to have grab bars installed in your bathroom. If you have elderly or disabled individuals within your home having well-placed grab bars installed against the wall can go a long way in making your bathroom safer. If you’re in the midst of remodeling your bathroom or you’re simply looking to make some minor improvements you’ll want to consider having grab bars installed.


Should I Hire A Professional to Install Grab Bars?

Grab bar installations may seem like a relatively simple job that you can do on your own. Don’t be fooled. Such a project requires the help of a skilled professional who has experience taking on such projects. Since grab bars are meant to provide the safety they require deep care and consideration during the installation process. Here are a few reasons why you’ll want to entrust this project with experts:


  1. Grab bars need to be installed at the right height

Horizontal grab bars that are installed in the shower or near the toilet needs to be placed 33-36 inches above the floor. DIY installers tend to aim for the end of the range. As a result, they end up installing the bar too high or too low. In order to be effective, the grab bar needs to be secured at the appropriate height. The height of the shower bar has to comply with the building code requirements for accessible bathrooms. The capable handymen at Lacey Handyman can ensure that the grab bar is installed at the right height and length.


  1. Walk-In showers

Grab bars installed in walk-in showers can make it much easier to enter and exit your shower. The bar should be secured to a back wall, a side wall, or a side wall near the shower seat. When you’re installing grab bars in a walk-in shower you’ll need to make sure it’s secured in a convenient location. Grab bars can only be mounted using approved anchoring devices. You’ll need a grab bar that provides optimal coverage.


  1. Grab bars should be mounted to wall studs and not sheetrock

A properly installed grab bar should be able to support an individual weighing up to 250 pounds. Therefore, it should be installed directly to the studs in the wall rather than sheetrock. A professional will be able to drill right through the wall material and mount the bar with the appropriate screws and fasteners. If a stud isn’t located in the ideal location, an anchor or blocking can be installed which will act as a substitute wall stud.


  1. Grab bars should be located in the areas where they can provide users the best support

The U.S. The Department of Justice created the Americans Disabilities Act. The ADA set standards for the placement of grab bars in the tub, shower stall, and toilet stalls. While these safety standards only apply to commercial properties they can be helpful for private residences. If there are elderly or disabled individuals within your household following the safety standards established by the ADA can help make your bathroom a safe place.


The skilled contractors at Lacey Handyman can ensure that the grab bars are adhered to an adequate structure with minimal damage to delicate surfaces.


Where Can I Install Grab Bars?

While grab bars are commonly installed in the bathroom. They can also be used in other places in the home such as the kitchen, bedroom, doorways, and other areas where support is needed. These days grab bars no longer have an institutional look. In fact, they are manufactured in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes. You can also purchase grab bars in a variety of lengths ranging from 9-42 inches.


How Much Does it Cost to Have A Grab Bar Installed?

Of course, whenever you’re interested in having something professionally installed in your home, you’ll want to know exactly how much you can expect to have to pay. The cost of a grab bar installation varies depending on a number of factors. If you’re installing one or two bars in a location where the studs are in the right location for mounting you can expect to pay anywhere between $75-$150. If additional support needs to be added to the wall it can cost up to $200 to install. You should also factor in the cost of the grab bar fixture which also varies in cost depending on the type and finish.



Lacey Handyman For Your Grab Bar Installation Project

Looking for a handyman to handle your grab bar installation project? This project requires the help of a skilled expert who can ensure that the grab bars installed in your home are sturdy and capable of supporting you and your family. Here at Lacey Handyman our experts have experience working with all kinds of structures, grab bars of all types of materials, and finishes. The best part of it all is that we are affordable. Contact us today for help.