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Need Custom Made Furniture? Lacey Handyman is the Perfect Furniture Assembler for You.

Are you wondering who can custom make your desired piece of furniture? You need an expert assembler who will save you the frustrations and offer you the perfect piece. Lacey handyman has its shoulder for you to lean on when it comes to furniture assembling. Our experience of over fifteen years is proof of our exceptional expertise. We are here to confirm to you that we are the gurus!


When moving lots of furniture, furniture assembly can be a tiresome task. As much as you may want to fix the furniture yourself, you will end up spending more time than you expect. Remember, time is money. You can use your precious time to do the things that matter to you and leave your assembling to us.

Furniture assembling is what we do every day. We possess a wide experience in both indoor and outdoor furniture assembling. Over the years, we have assembled a wide variety of furniture pieces, including; shelving units, desks, chicken coops, cat posts, and dog houses. All our clients that we have served remain with a memorable experience. We want you to experience this too.


We specialize in providing customized furniture pieces that are specifically tailored for your needs. We offer the following professional services:

  1. Assembling and fitting furniture components– We use both hands and power tools to enjoin different furniture pieces together. We are keen on meeting our client’s expectations. 
  2. Handling material orders– We help you have all you need. We know exactly what you need to have your furniture in place. Let us know what you need, and we shall handle it.
  3. Inspecting wood– Quality is always our priority. Our team of wood experts is here to make sure that you have the best. Let us know what you need, and we will get the right timber for you.
  4. Applying Finishing materials– We ensure that your furniture gets the perfect finishing. You say what you want, and we provide. We apply stain, gloss, and varnish to the assembled furniture to meet your desired taste. 
  5. Inspection of assembled furniture– We value the industry standard. We ensure that every piece of furniture can serve its purpose. If you need an inspection for your furniture, our service is readily available. 
  6. Prepare furniture pieces for transport– Safe transportation of your furniture without breakage and damage is what we do. If you need your assembled furniture transported, give us a call, and we shall be at your doorstep.


Each of these services that we offer is handled by specific individuals with the necessary expertise. We do not take chances when handling your furniture. We know that it cost you money, and that is why we return value for your money. Having one or more need for the services indicated above? You can have all this done by a single entity. Lacey Handyman it is.


Indoor Furniture Types that we assemble

You don’t have to hit your head hard trying to understand your new desk instruction manual, give we are ready to assemble it. Our services are appropriately tailored to match the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines. You can always count on us to do your assembly work fast, accurately, and at an affordable price.


The list doesn’t end here. If what you are looking to achieve is to have a relaxed and cozier home or office environment, we have a team of experts to provide just that. Our team can also assemble and arrange cabinets, buffets, and hutches at your favorite location. We have all you need. All you need to do is to give us a call right away. 

We also extend our services to mounting different furniture based on your specifications.


 We also understand that you have outdoor assembling needs. For our outdoor segment, we focus on shed assembly services that ensure that you enjoy the outdoor comfort you deserve. Do you think that your outdoor is poorly designed and you have no place off your home or office? We have your back. A garden shed is what you need. Joining the bits and tightening the bolts of a wooden, plastic, or metallic shed door is what we do best. 



What Exceptional Skills are We Offering You?

Yes, you can have what you want and have personal involvement in developing it. Your home, office, and industry needs can be catered for without having to ‘bend‘ your preference. Lacey Handyman assemblers have exceptional skills, which make them a perfect match to cater to your needs. These skills include:

  • Excellent carpentry skills– Our team possess unique carpentry skills that enable them to set, shape, and attach wooden and metal furniture components. They are also able to make repairs as needed. Let us know all your furniture needs, and we shall fix it.
  • Attention to detail– Our team is keen to ensure that they follow the designer’s plans and specifications to the letter in the assembling of furniture. 
  • Stamina and resilience– We understand that our work involves lifting heavy furniture and also standing for long hours. Our team has the energy and resilience that enable them to assemble your furniture in the shortest time possible.
  • Team collaboration– We know the strength of unity. Our team loves to work together to meet your specific need. Be assured to enjoy the services of like-minded individuals from our team.
  • Safety skills– An accident-free work-place is what we have always strived to achieve. Our team of assemblers possesses excellent safety skills that ensure that they are safe while completing the work at hand. 


From our skills and knowledge base, you can tell that we are a brand name in the assembly industry. So what are you waiting for? You have met the right handyman to trust your work with.


You need help!

No matter the kind of furniture you need assembled. Whether in your indoor of outside setting. We are ready to serve you. Reach us today through the phone number 360-870-2277.