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Lacey Handyman Exterior Painting Services

Exterior painting services can make a great addition to your home. As one of the fastest growing strategies in the face-lift industry, it provides you with a perfect opportunity to change the overall image of your home.

If you’re looking for cost effective and efficient exterior painting services, look no further. Lacy Handyman Exterior Painting Services offers affordable painting for all property owners in Lacey, Washington. We believe that it is of the utmost importance to provide our clients with high-quality products, so we only use premium exterior paints on all of our jobs.

Lacy handyman not only provides you all the right information about considering whether you should paint your home’s exterior or not, but also gives you a brief guide on how to get through with that task effectively and effortlessly. This article has three main sections, detailing the following aspects: (i) The benefits of painting your home’s exterior (ii) Getting started; budgeting/prepping and planning (iii) Why You should Choose Lacy Handyman Exterior Painting Services.

The benefits of Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Any improvements to your home when done by professionals prove to be beneficial.  Lacy Handyman’s team of experienced professionals will give your home a perfect improvement. You will enjoy these benefits:

  • Improved Aesthetics-A fresh painting can give your home a newer and liverier appearance which you will love. Prospective buyers prefer a brightly looking home over a dull old painted house. Painting will give your home a complete makeover with very little effort.
  • Increased Home Value-If you’re looking to increase the market value of your home, exterior painting is one of the best improvements you can do. Exterior paint will give you an attractive return on investment of 114 percent.
  • Protection against Harsh Weather-Natural elements such as rain, wind, snow, insects and fire has the potential to damage your home. Using the right paint can minimize the damage to an extent. Exterior paint acts as a protective coating to your home and can protect insects from damaging your house.
  • Affordable Renovation– When you choose Lacey Handyman services to paint your home, your renovation will be very budget friendly. To make your improvement last longer, choose high quality paint.
  • Increased Siding Lifespan-A new coat of exterior painting will help increase the lifespan of your siding for your home no matter the type. Exterior painting will protect your siding from blemishes and acts as a protective coating.

Getting Started; Planning and Prepping

After you have scheduled for your painting project, it is good to plan and prep your house. Some of the steps to ensure that your project is a success are:

  • Lead Paint Awareness and Planning: The best way to start any project is planning. During this step, identify areas that the existing paint needs to be scrapped. Identify sections where the project can be broken down into small portions.
  • Sanding and Scrapping: The bulky work of exterior painting is in surface prep. The process of sanding and scrapping can be very tedious and tiring. It is a very important process in painting and that is why you need to choose Lacey Handyman painting services to do it for you.
  • Surface Repair and Cleaning:  You may notice some damaged areas of your home and this is a perfect time for repairs. You will need to clean and dry the surface of your house. Wash any chalk and dirt. You may need to scrub the siding with a power wash.
  • Apply Primer: Use exterior-grade oil based primer to prime any exposed exterior of your home. Before priming, a light sanding by hand is recommended. Priming seals the bare wood.



Why You should Choose Lacy Handyman Exterior Painting Services

Painting is not an easy job and giving your home a makeover requires more than just applying the paint. Exterior painting is a task that we do with perfection. Here are some good reasons why you should call Lacy Handyman for all your Painting Services:

  1. Proper Preparation

We take time to prepare and make every effort to see to it that the job is to perfection. We will cover your plants for protection. We make sure that we protect all surrounding areas from paint. We sand and scrap the walls and wipe them clean before painting. To achieve the best paint finish, our painters will prepare the surfaces of your walls properly.

  1. Professional Painting

Lacy Handyman professional painters understand that different surfaces require different paints and applicators. They will bring in with them their expertise plus a variety of rollers and brushes. We have the best tools and techniques for doing the job to perfection.

  1. Timely Completion

You will save yourself a lot of time by hiring Lacey Handyman exterior painting services. There’s a lot of time involved in the preparation and buying of the painting materials. You don’t have to keep your house full of painting materials and disorganized for weeks. Our team of professional painters will complete your project within a specific period.

  1. Quality Work

Painting services done by Lacey Handyman professional painters will last for years as it is done skillfully. Our painters will use the best paint that suits your home best and will last you for a long time.  Our painters will have a final review to make sure you are completely satisfied with the quality of our job. We will exceed your expectations.


  1. We Clean For You

There’s usually a lot of cleaning to be done after the painting job is done. When you use our services for your painting project, we will take away all the cleaning stress from you. Our painters know how to dispose the painting materials.

Contact Lacey Handyman for Your Painting Project

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