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Want to begin and end your day energized and refreshed? The bathroom is the place to be! Your bathroom is the most likely place you visit first in the morning and at night before you get to bed. So, from a glance, does your bathroom provide you with the feeling of being re-energized? Is it the one place where you long to be before the start of the day and after a long, tiresome day? If your answer to these questions is NO, you might just need a bathroom remodel to modernize it to match your needs. And this is exactly what Lacey Handyman does every day. 


For the past fifteen years, we have provided exceptional handyman service in the industry. Through his craftsmanship and expertise, Rick Sheldon has grown the family business from simply remodeling his home to having a team of remodeling professionals. We have provided our services to rental and commercial property apartments. We offer all these at a pocket-friendly price.


We are here to lend a helping hand in all your remodeling jobs. All you have to do is to sit, relax, and watch change begin. These jobs may include:

  • Minor bathroom fixtures– We work on adding a new sink, bathing tabs, and replacing the floor and wall tiles.
  • Bathroom restoration– The new complete new look you need for your bathroom is here with us. We make bathroom arrangements, provide smart bathroom accessories and lighting and ventilation services.
  • Complete bathroom renovation– In Lacey Handyman, a new look is what we give. If you need a complete re-do of your bathroom, we perfectly do this from scratch. All you need to do is to reach out to us.


We are committed to walking with the journey of transforming your bathroom to fit your desired taste. To achieve this, we offer the following services: 

  1. New bathroom painting– We provide a new blended painting for your bathroom to match your desired needs.
  2. Installation of stylish curved shower rods– When feeling outdated with your old, regular shower rods, we are a call away to give a new look with our stylish curved shower rods.
  3. Setting up a designer mirror– Your look matters to us. A designer mirror is what you need, and we have this just for you.
  4. Budget crafting– We help you have a budget plan that is enough to start and complete your project. We focus on achieving uniqueness and class with a budget that you can meet without straining.
  5. Handing bright colored curtains– Being in high spirit is what we strive for our clients to achieve every day. We have a wide range of bathroom curtains that you can choose from to brighten your bathroom.
  6. Backsplash installation– You can count on us when it comes to protecting your bathroom from water and spills. If this is what you need, let us know, and it will be fixed.
  7. Bathroom expansion– Do you feel cramped and limited in your bathroom? We help you have the freedom that you desire. If you need some walls down to expand your bathroom, you have the experts with you. 


How do We Engage you In Your Bathroom Remodeling Journey?

Our expertise and experience inform our job, but you remain to be the boss. We simply blend what you want to fit the quality and standards that we have set over the years. We provide you professional advice on:

  • Choosing your bathroom space- Your bathroom space is what creates a feeling of freedom. We provide you the perfect bathroom space that you will fall in love with.
  • Choosing quality Materials- We want nothing but the best for you. We have a range of bathroom materials that you can choose from, and based on your needs, we help you select the best quality materials. 
  • Achieving efficiency in resource utilization- Your bathroom demands more than you think. We value sustainable resource utilization. We help you make the right choice for your bathroom. Water and lighting are crucial resources that make your bathroom what it is. Let us know what you need, and you will have it done.  


Why Have Lacey Handyman for your Remodel?

You might be wondering who will manage to meet your specific bathroom remodeling requirements. You are among our many customers who have these questions answered after they engage us. Why should you give us that call right away?


  1. Exceptional Experience and Expertise

Having been in the handyman industry for more than fifteen years now, you can be sure that we have a rich bank of knowledge and expertise. Lacey Handyman is a household name today, having perfectly remodeled rental and apartment bathrooms to an exceptional standard like no other. 

  1. Raising Industry Standards

Having started the handyman work as a passion, Rick Sheldon has a broader vision of how he wants the industry. We are committed to setting the bars high through the services they offer. Contact us today and be part of this achievement.

  1. Professional Attitude

We love what we do, and we value you, our clients. If you want to experience the kind of service delivery that will leave you longing for more of our services, make that call now. 

  1. Answer all your Questions

We are always ready to answer your question free of charge. We help you decide what is right for your bathroom makeover as we engage professionally.

  1. We Provide Value for your Money

Quality is what we strive to achieve. We offer nothing but the best service that satisfies your need. 


In need of the Handyman?

No matter the size of your bathroom, Lacey handyman is your perfect solution for a remodel. We are experienced in offering what you need. Look no further. For all your bathroom remodeling needs, we are here to do the magic for you. We professionally do this with a surety of no damage to your house. Call us today. 

What’s the Best Flooring for a Bathroom Remodel?

As with any remodel, the decision is yours. Just remember to keep in mind your budget, desired look, usage, and any other factors that could affect the longevity of your investment. We at Lacey Handyman are here to answer all your questions to help you decide what is best for you

Continue reading for a comprehensive list of options and their pros and cons.

Worst Flooring Options For A Bathroom:

It’s important to know what you should stay away from.  There are many options available to get the look and feel you want with materials designed for the high moisture environment of your bathroom.  The following materials should be avoided when designing your bathroom remodel.

  • Wood:
    • Water easily penetrates wood flooring which leads to warping, stains, and cracks. Even with the additional coatings available on the market, it should not be used anywhere there is a risk of pooling water.
  • Cement
    • The simple industrial look of cement floors is a current design trend, but should no be used in your bathroom. While it is tough and durable, with damage being less visible, it is extremely porous. The sealing and maintenance can be very expensive.
  • Metal
    • Metal is another material that gives the industrial look that is the popular aesthetic right now. While this is a great material for walls, it should be avoided as flooring for obvious reasons, when wet it is extremely slippery and unforgiving should you fall.

Lacey Handyman believes your home is yours to design as you please, so if you have your heart set on a look, by all means do what you must, but be sure to take all factors into consideration for longevity of your design.  There are so many options that can give you the same look without the downsides.

Budget Friendly Flooring Options For Your Bathroom Remodel

As with any remodel, the decision is yours. Just remember to keep in mind your budget, desired look, usage, and any other factors that could affect the longevity of your investment. We at Lacey Handyman are here to answer all your questions to help you decide what is best for you!