Bathroom Floor Dry Rot Portland Oregon

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Bathroom Floor Dry Rot Portland Oregon

Bathroom Floor Dry Rot in Portland Oregon is not so good but the longer you wait to repair it the worse it gets. Therefore about the only solution is to tear up the flooring, sub flooring and possible the floor joists and then replace all the dry rot areas and put it all back together.

In other words if your bathroom floor is squeaking, sagging and has soft spots when you put weight on it then it most likely you have dry rot or a rotten area that needs attention. For instance many times this occurs around the toilet and along the front of the tub or shower.

Therefore this project can be a significant challenge as the toilet has to be removed the subflooring needs to be cut out and as a result you should call today to have us take care of this for you and for you not to stress about it any longer.

Just let us tell you that you are not the only one that has this situation and that this is a very common problem

Many people tend to procrastinate on having your bathroom floor dry rot in Portland Oregon  repaired in the early stages. As a result the problem just keeps bigger and bigger escalating into what can be a huge repair. Their are several reasons that cause a floor to rot. Typically one of three things occurs. The most common is for the area around the toilet to rot due to condensation or a wax ring that was not installed correctly and over time this area becomes and consistently damp and then rotting begins.

The second most common area is along the tub or at each end where a shower curtain allowed excess moisture to persist at the corners or ends of your tub or shower.

The third area is caused from leaking faucets, plumbing or from the valves leaving constant drips that over time create a large dry rotting situation under the vanity.

A Little About Repairing This Bathroom Floor Dry Rot in Portland Oregon

We start by removing your toilet, vanity if necessary. After we remove these and begin tearing out your soft floor areas can begin to access the scope of the task to rid you and repair all the dry rot and mold areas.

Normally we start by cutting a small obvious area and continue cutting and following the rotten and moldy areas until we feel we have removed it all. As a result we could end up only cutting out a few square feet or sometimes the problem area is much larger than expected.

In addition to us digging down so as to remove all the bad areas it could mean that we have to remove linoleum subfloor, underlayment and even replace floor joists.

Their is also a chance that the dampness and dry rot are up into the walls. Therefore because of this we would have to tear the drywall, tile and backer board off the walls where it is bad. However you can always count on Lacey Handyman to be transparent about your entire project and work with you to complete this task.

Their could also be dry rot, mold or serious dampness that migrates under the tub or shower. Each situation is different and what access we have to the areas under these dictates the challenges in repairing these areas.

Many times the floor joists need to be completely replaced or sister Joists installed

In a surprising number of cases we have to replace or repair the existing floor joists. In other cases we can get away with just attaching sister joists. But even this an get into a pretty serious job. Lacey Handyman is very experienced in replacing bathroom floor dry rot in Portland Oregon and surrounding areas as our owner has replaced dry rot in bathrooms in well over 100 cases.

In conclusion whether your bathroom is on the first floor and we have access to a crawl space or if your bathroom is on a second or third floor and have no access and have to tear into a ceiling from a tenant residence we will tackle your project and make it all good again. But be rest assured no matter what the situation we will take care of you.

After we do the necessary removal of all the bad areas we then commence the putting it all back together.
Depending the significance of your project we begin the steps of replacing the joists, subfloor, underlayment and top surface of laminate, tile or linoleum.

In conclusion we do things right and cut no corners in handling your project and with years and hundreds of bathroom projects you can be have the confidence you have the right team on your job.

Therefore in many cases after a big tear out and replacement project we will install new molding and possibly dry wall repairs and then come finish up with a couple coats of new paint.

One thing to consider is that if we have to come in and do a major repair it might behove you the think about going ahead and doing a full remodel as it might surprise you that going the extra mile and doing a total bathroom make over is not that much more in the end. Just something to talk with us about. Give lacey handyman a call and we will discuss all the options with regards to you bathroom floor dry rot in Portland Oregon and what’s best for you.