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With over fifteen years of experience in the Handyman Service Industry. Rick Sheldon is bringing his talents to the Portland areas. He also handled all the repairs, maintenance and remodeling of his home, rentals,  commercial properties and apartments.

Handyman Fencing

Extraordinary Experiences

It all started when Rick was eighteen and went to work for a maintenance company that had a contract to handle all the maintenance and remodeling for over 5,000 apartment units. During his time there he repaired over 100 bathrooms that needed dry rot removed from the floors, subfloors and joists and then put them all back together including installing all new linoleum or tile flooring.

Over the years he and his crew handled many total remodels and also handled many commercial and retail establishments with all their  maintenance and remodeling needs. 

Rick is settling in to the Portland area and has began doing business. Give us a call and Rick would love to come by and talk to you about any projects you are considering.